Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 MOVIE LIST... 132 and Counting

So we meet again, old friend...

THE STANDOUTS (16) - Just great movies that you'd have to be crazy to neither appreciate nor enjoy.

The Hurt Locker ***1/2
Inglourious Basterds ***1/2
500 Days of Summer ***1/2
A Single Man ***1/2
Anvil! The Story of Anvil ***1/2
Humpday ***1/2
Fish Tank ***1/2
Capitalism: A Love Story ***1/2
Where the Wild Things Are ***
The Cove ***
Up in the Air ***
Sugar ***
Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire ***
Away We Go ***
Funny People ***
The Hangover ***

THE GOOD (31) - These movies met or exceeded my admittedly high expectations, whether those are unfair or not.

Brothers ***
The Road ***
The Messenger ***
Red Cliff (Part I - DVD Import) ***
Watchmen ***
More Than a Game ***
In the Loop ***
The Blind Side ***
The Soloist ***
Everybody's Fine ***
An Education ***
The Informant! ***
Paranormal Activity ***
Fantastic Mr. Fox ***
Taken ***
Star Trek ***
Rudo y Cursi ***
Zombieland ***
Adventureland ***
I Love You, Man ***
The Collector ***
The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans ***
The Girlfriend Experience ***
Collapse ***
Big Fan ***
State of Play ***
Bruno ***
The Escapist ***
Mystery Team ***
Lymelife ***
Black Dynamite ***

THE GOOD BUT SHOULD'VE BEEN BETTERS (23) - Enjoyable enough but missing some crucial element.

Avatar ***
The White Ribbon **1/2
Up ***
Crazy Heart ***
District 9 ***
The Chaser ***
The Baader Meinhof Complex ***
Public Enemies ***
That Evening Sun ***
Julie & Julia ***
Tyson **1/2
Moon **1/2
Tetro **1/2
The Burning Plain **1/2
Coraline **1/2
The Great Buck Howard **1/2
The International **1/2
Whip It **1/2
Jennifer's Body **1/2
Bronson **1/2
The House of the Devil **1/2
Food Inc. **1/2
The Missing Person **1/2

THE GUILTY PLEASURES (24) - Most people will rag on these but they exceeded my modest expectations.

Martyrs ***
The Informers ***
Sherlock Holmes ***
World's Greatest Dad **1/2
Antichrist **1/2
Surveillance **1/2
Fanboys **1/2
Land of the Lost **1/2
Orphan **1/2
Crank 2: High Voltage **1/2
Law Abiding Citizen **1/2
Obsessed **1/2
The Killing Room (DVD) **1/2
Next Day Air **1/2
G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra **1/2
X-Men Origins: Wolverine **1/2
The Last House on the Left **1/2
Spread **1/2
Extract **1/2
Surrogates **1/2
The Slammin' Salmon **
Weapons (DVD) **
Paul Blart: Mall Cop **
Fired Up **

THE UNDERWHELMING DISAPPOINTMENTS (28) - Failed to meet my reasonable expectations, or just generally unsatisfying.

A Serious Man **1/2
The Lovely Bones **1/2
Nine **1/2
Observe and Report **1/2
Invictus **1/2
Duplicity **1/2
Taking Woodstock **1/2
Thirst **1/2
Armored **
Knowing **
Paper Heart **
Drag Me to Hell **
The Box **
Angels and Demons **
Monsters vs. Aliens **
A Perfect Getaway **
Friday the 13th **
The Taking of Pelham 123 **
Couples Retreat **
The Brothers Bloom **
Year One **
The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard **
Whatever Works *1/2
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus *1/2
Grace *1/2
The Marc Pease Experience *1/2
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men *1/2
Bart Got a Room *1/2

THE ACTIVELY BAD (10) - Not good movies AT ALL, and anyone who tries to argue otherwise is WRONG.

2012 *1/2
My Bloody Valentine 3-D *1/2
Horsemen *1/2
The Stepfather *1/2
Terminator Salvation *1/2
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen *1/2
Pandorum *
Halloween II *
Amusement (DVD) *
Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (DVD) *

DVD - Direct-to-DVD title

COMING SOON (3): A Prophet, Saw VI, Franklyn (DVD)


Stuart said...

I feel like you're undercutting Coraline. Visually, I was totally enamored. Story? Meh, but please give that blue haired child a little more respect. Or at least the great Bobinsky...

Friday the 13th on the other hand was, for lack of a better word, shit...covered in shit. I mean, really, if it were a three layer cake, it would be thee different flavors of shit. Half a star in my book. At least make ONE character likeable if you're going to make a 'sleek' remake....

I agree with you on Taken though. I'm not a huge fan of Jason Bourne and I feel like this movie achieved the same adrenaline with 1/1,000th the budget. Granted, it wasn't Paul Greengrass behind the camera. Still, kudos to making Maggie Grace look 17 again...


The InSneider said...

I didn't care that much about Coraline's story. It touched on the same adolescent themes as scores of other movies. But you're right, visually it was very impressive and that's why I gave it 2 1/2 stars. If the story had been a bit more original, it would've received 3. And I loved Bobinsky and I wish he was in it more. I thought he was going to play a bigger part.
Friday the 13th was disappointing, for sure. I did not like the structure of the film, with the credits breaking up the flashback, then the 20 minute prologue with more interesting characters than the ones we spend the majority of the film with. I did have a fun time with it though, primarily because it was fun to see a Jason movie in the theater. That said, it didn't feel like a Jason movie either, without the music, and with Jason running around, and the booby-trapped house and shit. And what was with Jason keeping Whitney prisoner for 6 weeks? I mean, they basically took Jason and grafted the Michael Myers backstory onto it. However, F13 WAS better than MBV3-D, and I was never really bored. Padalecki sucked though, same with Jensen Ackles in MBV. I hope Last House on the Left blows it out of the water.
Taken was the shit. I'd love to see Liam Neeson as James Bond. And I think Pierre Morel has got serious action chops. I'd like to see what he could do on a blockbuster with a real budget.

Actionman said...

Coraline was mesmerizing. **** from me.

You haven't seen Watchmen yet?

Two Lovers was excellent.

Taken was mediocre at best I thought. District B-13 was far more entertaining and original and creative. I am happy that Neeson got a big hit this late in his leading man career but the movie was pretty lame overall. The action bits were solid but the dialogue and the plotting were terrible.

The InSneider said...

I did see Watchmen, I just forgot to update the list. I read the graphic novel 2 weeks before. It was the first comic I'd ever read and I loved it. Thought the movie was good but not great. Ending was missing some of the impact. Even at 2 3/4 hrs. it still felt truncated. Loved the opening title sequence though. And Haley, Morgan, Wilson and Crudup.

Haven't seen Two Lovers yet. I know I should. I really like Phoenix and Paltrow. Just not that interested in the story, even though I know it's James Gray and I should be.

Coraline, visually, was incredible, but I didn't love the story. Not all that original. It's a little too 13 year-old goth girl for me. I liked the movie enough, but it's no Nightmare Before Christmas.

Taken, we just gotta agree to disagree. I really liked Taken. It knows exactly what it is. It's simple but it takes itself seriously. Neeson is a badass. I think he'd make an awesome Bond if they ever decide to mix it up and go the older route for once instead of the younger route. I dug District B13 too and sure the action in that movie puts Taken to shame but I just love revenge stories and I thought Neeson was as good as Jack Bauer on his best day.

Actionman said...

No Crank: High Voltage?

What a trip that was...

Actionman said...

Wow -- u saw Away We Go -- can you elaborate further?

Dave said...

Ouch! You dissin' "Serious Man"? That's cool I guess. I give it 4.5 out of 5. It REALLY grew on me. I'm glad you liked "Humpday" so much though. I think that's still my favorite movie of the year so far. And don't even bother with "Vampire's Assistant"...